Agreement to take to the notary

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    Information about the copy that is going to be brought to the notary to be signed:

    Nota: All the information will be strictly confidential


    It is clear to me that the company Raices Judías has produced this report with the highest quality and accuracy. This company is not responsible for the final decision of the Federation of Jewish Communities, or the Ministries of Interior both in Portugal and in Spain. If the documents presented in this report are required or their sources, Raices Judías will try to provide them to the best of its ability. But by signing this document, I also understand, that the responsibility for the final acceptance does not lie with Raices Judias, but with the Federation of relevant Jewish Communities and the pertinent Interior Ministery of Spain or Portugal..

    Once all the errors that were detailed have been corrected, I affirm that I agree that the report can be taken to the notary in Israel for signature, and later apostilled.

    If later errors are found and you want them to be corrected, in the event that your report has already been sent to the notorious in Israel, you will have to make the payment of another 2000 NIS so that a new copy will be issued, signed before a notary public.

    And for this I sign this document: